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Medtelerad Radiology Imaging comprehensive imaging centre providing imaging services to Diagnostic Centres, Hospitals & Nursing Homes. Key to the success of our imaging centre has been the longevity of 4 plus years in the community we serve. Medtelerad is proud to have an exclusive Professional Services for the interpretation and clinical oversight of all medical imaging exams and procedures. Medtelerad was founded in 2013 and are exceptionally well respected among today's frontrunners in Radiology procedures and Diagnostic Imaging interpretation. Imaging services available include: MRI MRA CT CTA PET/CT Digital X-ray Digital Mammography Nuclear Medicine
Every hospital's and diagnostic centre's needs private radiologist. We ensure that the radiologists you need are always available to you whenever you need them. We have More than 25 Radiologists across the India and Healthcare Software's for Teleradiology Interface which ensures that the radiologists you need are always available to you whenever you need them. Our core value proposition is that no hospital would ever need a radiologist on their premises in order to get a quality report. Our vision is to provide efficient, cost-effective diagnostic reports & quick reports to whoever needs it. We think of an India where every hospital has online radiologist support and every radiologist is empowered to reach out to these hospitals and provide their expertise. The lack of availability of timely diagnostic services causes great problems for clinicians during emergencies and during the night hours. Moreover, the Medtelerad HealthCare Pvt. Ltd. ready to provide the services round-the-clock for each & every hospitals, diagnostic centres & nursing homes.. Medtelerad provides 100% truly Web-Based (clients have full and immediate access to reports from anywhere) system, which can open any browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox etc.). Teleradiology is the ability to send radiographic images (CT / MR / CR / DR / PET CT etc.) from one location to another. For this process to be implemented, three essential components are required, an image sending station, a transmission network, and a receiving / image review station.

Definition of Teleradiology :

So, what is teleradiology? Teleradiology is the transmission of radiological patient images, such as x-rays, CTs, and MRIs, from one location to another for the purpose of sharing studies with other radiologists and physicians for interpretation and diagnosis.
Teleradiology Cost :
One of the leading benefits of using teleradiology is financial. Teleradiology by its very nature is an efficient and high quality manner by which patient images can be interpreted and diagnosed by qualified specialists. When utilized properly, a radiologists down time is minimized, allowing for cost effective and timely interpretations. Teleradiology costs are based on the modality of the study (CT, MR, CR / DR etc.) and the expected report turn-around time. To obtain a proposal for teleradiology services, please contact us at +91 9831 508 508 or simply fill out the requirement form : Teleradiology benefits:
    • *Reduced cost - Radiology expenses are converted from fixed to variable costs. Efficiency is significantly increased. Local Radiologists take 15% of the exam cost whereas rate is fix for all studies through teleradiology system. For Ex : If the cost of CT whole abdomen is Rs. 6000/-, Radiologists will take 6000X15%=Rs. 900/-, where as its cost is Rs. 300 to Rs. 350/- through teleradiology system. More than 50% cost reduced.
      *Expertise - Ability to access subspecialty radiology experts when needed via teleradiology. Since its the job of Technician to prepare the Images of CT / MR / CR images so no need of Radiologists in centre until unless its required.
      *Increased coverage - Coverage for less desirable work shifts is provided through teleradiology for less than the cost of having a group member read cases during nights and weekends. Teleradiology "fractional staffing" is ideal as it allows for the most qualified specialist to be available on a per report basis versus full time salary.

  • Teleradiology Services :

    Day Time Services :
    Our complete daytime teleradiology coverage provides staffing flexibility and saves money by converting fixed professional costs into variable costs without compromising patient care. We provide a variety of reports and reading options to meet your daytime coverage requirements including:
    STAT Interpretations. We provide emergency interpretations on a preliminary and final interpretation basis, within an estimated 15-20 minutes after receipt of images/requisition.
    Non-Emergency Interpretations. We provide non-emergency interpretations within two to four hours after receipt of images/requisition.
    Expert daytime/weekend coverage in multiple areas, including musculoskeletal MRI, paediatric radiology and Cardiac CT among many others We have a sophisticated web-based system to facilitate two-way communication of all results. We will call your ER, or Imaging Center to communicate all critical or urgent results directly to the referring physician. We help you meet the needs of your facility when you have overflow work or when the need arises during: Vacation coverage, Emergency, Good Radiologists available in remote locations. Night Time Services :
    We provide weekend/night coverage to your ER, Imaging Center, or urgent care clinic.
    Evening and weekend staffing challenges are common. As demand for off-hours diagnostic image interpretation increases, these challenges will only increase.
    Our evening and weekend teleradiology coverage provides staffing flexibility without compromising patient care.