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We are in Telereporting services for Radiological Images & Software developing for Medical Imaging, Diagnostic Centre Billing, Patient Registration & Reporting. Medtelerad Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has more than hundreds of customers throughout the India.

Our Company

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be recognized nationally and internationally as a world-class radiology department. We are dedicated to our Image of Excellence and we fulfill our mission through the following pillars:

  • To provide optimal care in a patient-centered environment
  • To provide subspecialty expertise.
  • To provide top quality imaging and therapeutic procedures.
  • To advance medical education and research.
  • To provide quick downloads.
  • To Provide cost effectiveness.

Our Mission

What We Think

Our mission is to provide compassionate, caring, and high quality Medical Imaging and image-guided therapy services to improve the quality of life for our patients and their families. Our leadership role in the scientific advancement of Medical Imaging and image-guided therapy services in a cost-efficient, less invasive and safe manner, while educating our referring physicians, physicians-in-training, medical students, allied health professionals, hospital administrators and legislators remains critical to our Mission. Our research and scholarly activities will continue to generate innovative solutions and new knowledge that makes a difference for patient care and the future of healthcare.


About Medtelerad Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Medtelerad Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. came into being on 4th March 2015 (formerly known as Medtelerad Services from September 2013). Medtelerad Healthcare is engaged in the business of providing Teleradiology services to the hospitals, nursing homes & diagnostic centers. In order to run this business Medtelerad engages services of Certified radiologist and the services are availed under a contract. Teleradiology involves first obtaining medical images, following by the viewing and interpretation of these images for diagnostic or consultative purposes by a radiologist. Teleradiology improves patient care by allowing radiologists to provide their expertise without being present with the patient.

About Medtelerad Technologies Pvt Ltd

Medtelerad Technologies Pvt. Ltd. came into being on 18th April 2018 (formerly known as Medtelerad from April 2017). It took on the challenge of developing medical imaging solutions that offer high accessibility at low costs without compromising on quality. Our advanced Teleradiology solutions transmit high quality DICOM images necessary to diagnostic usability at affordable rates and quick time. Our in-house developed products are DICOM Imaging solutions like PACS, Mini PACS, Teleradiology, DICOM Workstation, Ultrasound & Endoscopy DICOM Solutions.


Rajesh Kumar Mishra (BSC, GNIIT, MBA)


Rajesh has been working in the healthcare Imaging domain since 2004, with more than 18 years of experience with radiology imaging. He engages with healthcare providers to understand the changing imaging needs & guides our engineering and business development team to continuously improve our radiology imaging products that meet the customer's business requirement and improve patient care.

Rajesh can be reached at